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Hello Everyone!

  • The school is over and the real life begins :) - my that sounded mighty serious! All of us will go their separate ways, some will - perhaps - be working together, others will be on the far side of the world doing their own incredible stuff. This journal is for all of us to share those experiences.

  • So - hop in and write what you're doing whenever you feel like it. If you've got a job, tell us what it's like [be nice!]. If you have tips for those who are still searching for employment - spill them all out :) If you'd like to share your accomplishments or inspirations with us - shoot!

  • All you need to do, to be able to write your thoughts here, is become a member of LiveJournal and join this group - 3d54!

      • First get a livejournal account or id --> over here!

      • Then join the group 3d54 by going to it's userinfo page over here and clicking on this tiny icon in the center of your screen!

      • To write something in the community journal you have to go to your userinfo page under: and clicking on Journal - update. Then from a dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen choose which journal you want to update to, in this case : 3d54. ET VOILA!
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