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Grad Screening

  • Well I thought I'd write a few words since nobody else seems willing or able to ;)

  • The grad screening will take place on February 10th as you are well aware - hope to see as many of you there as possible:) Me and Sherif will be working on a short grad video this weekend so we do have some memories to hang on to in the future ;) I have to warn all of you that there isn't much footage to work with - mostly stills - but it's better than nothing :)

  • If you have any suggestions as to the music - shoot - I have until noon on Feb 9th to hand it in!!

  • Oh and I've informed Susan, the 'new Sabrina':) that we want the film to be screened before the demo reels, hope you're ok with that.
  • Have a good weekend everyone - Magda!
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